Thank You- A Quick Update

Thank You- A Quick Update


We have been floored by all of your kind posts, messages and texts. We are beyond grateful for our community of friends and family who love us so well. We could never thank you enough, but still, THANK YOU.

Here’s a quick update…

Mila was fit with hearing aids a few days ago and so far the results are very promising. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure what’s she’s hearing, if anything, but we do think she’s noticing a difference. As soon as they were turned on she focused on us while we spoke to her like she never has before. She even started turning her head searching for the source of the sound she was hearing. We’re doing a 3 month trial with the hearing aids to see if she can get enough of a benefit from them so we don’t have to consider doing the implant surgery. The doctors have been honest with us and warned that they do not believe the hearing aids will be a solution for her, but we’re still believing for a miracle.

Over the last couple weeks since we shared the news openly we’ve had many people reach out wanting to connect. We’ve met with so many new friends, including deaf adults who’ve shared experiences of growing up in a hearing world, parents of deaf children who chose the implant, parents who did not choose an implant, hearing advocates of the Deaf community, and teachers at Texas School for the Deaf. It’s been so wonderful to get first hand experiences from all different angles. We can google and research all day long, but it’s the real life people with real life stories that are shaping how we approach this decision.

Lots of people have been asking us questions, wanting to keep up with how the kids are doing and we’re just so grateful for this village of support. I’ve started a Facebook group called “Learn ASL With Us!” as a way to keep this amazing community in the loop. In this group I’ll post a couple times a week with updates on what we’re teaching the kids and what Niko and I are learning. It should be fun! If you’d like to join, let me know.

I put together a list of resources for anyone who is interested in learning ASL, more about the Deaf community, and Cochlear Implants. Below are some resources that we’ve used in our research, I encourage you to click around to get an understanding of how we’re forming our opinions.

  •– this is a website where people come together and share their experiences on a variety of topics. There’s a specific forum for “parenting a deaf child.”
  • Sound and Fury- This is a documentary that follows the story of two brothers who make different decisions for their deaf children.
  • Louder Than Words- you can stream this documentary on Vimeo
  • Cochlear Implant info

Want to learn ASL? Here are some amazing online resources:

  • ASL Nook– This is a deaf family based in Austin who basically just films short videos of their every day life. The little girl is darling!
  • Signing Time– there are SO many videos here… it would take you forever to watch all of them. Bear loves them and I learn a ton from them too.
  • Memrise app for iPhone or Android- this is a fun app for learning ASL


When it comes to questions, ask away! It might sound strange to say, but we love to talk about it. It can feel isolating at times to make all these decisions while no one really understands the gravity of it. But talking about it, letting others in, makes it easier somehow. As Niko and I begin to develop our plans for Mila we’ll be sharing about the specifics of the decisions we’re making. But I don’t want to do that prematurely as those plans still change day to day.

Thank you again for praying for our family! We love you all.